The history of Preston Castle dates back to 1890, when the state purchased 230 acres of land from the Ione Coal & Iron Company.

The state Legislature established the Preston School of Industry, which at the time was one of the best-known reform schools for juvenile offenders in the United States. Construction on Preston School of Industry began quickly. The Administrative Building, which would become the closest sample of Romanesque Revival architecture in the region, was constructed with bricks made at San Quentin and Folsom prisons using sandstone.

The cornerstone was established on Dec. 23, 1890.

The building became to be known as Preston Castle, or simply, “The Castle.”

The first wards were set and the facility opened on July 1, 1894. It would stay open until 1960 when other facilities moved in. The building stayed vacant until 2001, before landing a 50-year lease from the Preston Castle Foundation. It was then named a California Historical Landmark and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Preston Castle Foundation assumed ownership in 2014.

This historic site is the perfect gathering spot for a little eerie and magnificent fun on Halloween. The Preston Castle Haunt, which has been featured on Ghost Hunters and the location of several horror movies, includes a fun and spooky walk-through tour of the historic building.

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