The famous Preston Castle, not far from the Castle Oaks Home Community, is a historic site that is the perfect gathering spot for a little eerie and magnificent fun on Halloween.

The Preston Castle Haunt, which has been featured on Ghost Hunters and the location of several horror movies, includes a fun and spooky walk-through tour of the historic building. It takes place for three weekends in October. It is not only a great opportunity to get in the Halloween spirit, but also helps raise funds for the restoration of the historic site.

The Haunt takes visitors through various paths and features a variety of scares. There will be food vendors on-site and merchandise available for purchase.

The Preston Castle Haunt has 4.7 stars out of 5 on Facebook, with reviewers leaving comments like this:

“The best haunt there is. Better every year!”

“So much fun!!! Authentically scary!!! The castle is scary enough, yet they added just enough props and people without going into cheesy haunted house mode. The people running the haunt were very nice too!”

“You guys are amazing and I loved every bit of your haunt. Thanks for all your hard work, it truly was a wonderful experience. I’ll return next year, probably multiple times!”

You won’t want to miss your opportunity to get free tickets to the Preston Castle Haunt at Castle Oaks’ Halloween Spooktacular Event on Oct. 27!