Guest Post by: Henry Moore

There are many reasons to look at California as a dream place to make an investment. It’s blessed with beautiful weather, vibrant culture, diverse nature, and historic communities to explore. Below are steps that can help you find the ideal Californian vacation property.

Consider Your Plans

This is a big investment, and you must know exactly what your needs are. So, before parting with any cash, ask yourself what you want out of a second home. Are you only looking for somewhere to vacation to, or could it one day become your permanent home or be rented out? That information may help influence your choice, as not every home or area will be adaptable to your plans. Yet, it’s important to consider whether a property could continue to fulfill your needs over the long term. In the end, you deserve an investment that serves you, whether you want it to be a source of income or to one day be a new family home.

Check the Area

Once that’s done, start researching specific areas. For instance, if you’re interested in Sacramento, check out its neighborhoods to find one that’s perfect for you. If, for example, you’re looking for great views, you may prefer an area that boasts beautiful parks or hiking trails. Similarly, if you have kids, you might want somewhere family-friendly rather than a vibrant nightlife. Just as importantly, having an area in mind can guide your plans when it comes to tax requirements, and how California defines being resident and non-resident. By researching your neighborhood, as well as local and state tax laws, you can ensure there are no surprises.

Get Online

With a solid outline, you can start the house-hunting process. Thankfully, it can be as simple as downloading an app or hitting up property websites. Each site will have its own unique features, and it’s a good idea to use multiple ones to get the most information. By doing so, you could fill in any gaps and potentially find a bargain that’s been on the market for some time. Likewise, apps offer plenty of features to aid your search, from getting viewing times for open houses to finding the most popular neighborhoods.

Home Condition

Any home has the potential to be full of unwanted surprises. That’s why it’s essential that you thoroughly assess a property before you commit to buying it. While a professional home inspector is a must, you can also do it yourself if you feel comfortable. If you’re unsure where to start, make a checklist of issues to look out for, and then examine both the interior and exterior of a property. In particular, look for anything that could be expensive to repair, such as roof damage, which can cost on average around $652 depending on the extent of the project. Likewise, consider what level of maintenance you are willing to deal with. After all, a smaller property will be more manageable than a larger home and could cost less to maintain.

Make Enhancements

Whether or not you’ll be seeking renters, everyone wants an attractive property. So, it’s great to know that even subtle updates can make that happen. Best of all, minor upgrades can be as budget-friendly as a fresh coat of paint or changing the light fixtures. Beyond that, focus on sprucing up the details so that cabinet doors, showerheads, and faucets also look fabulous. Along those lines, switch out carpeting for hardwood or similar flooring as they are stylish and easily maintainable. However, if you don’t have the time or experience to make these changes, consider bringing in a local handyman. Their knowledge can make things go smoothly, and in Sacramento, that professionalism will typically cost about $148 to $539.

You will know exactly when you’ve found the perfect place for your vacation home. Yet, getting there will take planning, research, and setting your own needs. Your efforts can reward you with a vacation property nestled somewhere in the beautiful state of California.

Image courtesy of Pixabay